Thursday, December 25, 2008

merry christmas to all!

Well, here is my monthly post ha ha! SO much going on at Christmas, I am super excited for this family who is doubly blessed! My intuition turned out to be correct.
I am finally posting just for three hour layout! It only took me what? two months? ha ha!It is making memories paper, tiles, tags and sticker and 7 gypsies transparencies. Of course, blogger wont let me upload pictures right now!So screw blogger, everyone will just have to wait.

I am missing my two baby boys Porter and Vaughn who went to the farm with daddy. The two older children stayed at grandmas. They had fun going toboganning and making crafts with grandma. We went to the light festival at Hawrelak parka nd I have fab photos but this damn computer is going to make me mad because nothing will upload! GRRR!
Sadly...our family trip was not to be to somewhere hot! Apparently you are only allowed two children. Damn me for having four! So we are taking a family trip snowboarding for a few days in February when Dad gets back from Oman.
I made the crying gift this year.We made morgan a little mini album with the words to lonestar...Already there. The words are awesome and it will give him a little piece of home.I know, I know...what a nice ex wife! ha ha

I am taking French lessons before my trip to Andreanne's Grad in Quebec in June. Also....
WOO HOOOOO! ANdreanne's mother is engaged to a man from Red Deer and they may be moved here sooner than I think to a neighbouring subdivison, Vanier woods. She will be a quick walk from our house! We are so excited.

Here is my last big piece of news, I am taking a break from my life! Jeanette and I are going to get thee hell outta dodge! Merry Christmas all (with the exception that I miss my baby boys)and see you all in the new year!
Ps...I know my cards I sent are not handmade (the horror!) but I am sendin love just the same!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

no snow

People are amazed that it hasn't snowed yet...maybe it is because I blogged twice in one month, like a hell freezing over sort of thing ha ha! I have yet to post pics of my scrap projects but it has been so busy!
Renee came to visit and it was tons of fun..we karaoked, and shopped and scrapbooked and were on our best behavior , or not!
I took some fabulous pictures of the kids, no one was fighting and the pictures looked great....then I realized that I had no camera card in the camera! SO Renee was sweet enough to take another little photo shoot for us.

the one that didnt make the christmas card....ha ha

so out for now but happy looking

Saturday, November 8, 2008

just for Renee and anyone else who still reads!

well apparently i don't update my blog enough for grandma Deanna and Renee. I am a busY gal what can I say? Of course because I was supposed to have this weekend off I was puking my guts out and other disgusting things! I was all hyped to go to finger eleven, at the concert, waiting for them to come on after the opening band....after my fifth trip to the bathroom, I left!
I officially want to die! Jeanette told me to go on the ex lax diet so I can hit my goal weight before we hit the Dominican at Christmas....I highly recommend the flu diet where everything you eat comes back up or out the other end faster than you ate it for a weight loss weekly of 7 pounds or so! haha are the cutie pies frm Halloween...Vaughn totally cracked me up! He knocks on our house door after Kian took the kids on our cul de sac- I pen the door and he says MOMMA! GIMME CANDY! I mean trick or treat!

my little lion,,,comes complete with a hearty roar!

no costume for Kian but he was kind enough to take the kids around the cul de sac while I handed out candy.psst (I`m pretty sure he had a candy bag for that little walk ha ha)

the ninja...and the nuther brother is officially too cool for halloween dress up at the ripe old age of 11

My sweet little scary fairy...

and last but not least the woman who makes herself this costume!My amazing friend lent it to me and I won a prize at work for best costume. I had to wash my hair three times to get the black out, I was getting worried!
I was so happy to finally do some scrap booking! I thought I had officially lost all creativity. It took me three hours of shuffling papers and embellies to make one page!!
soooo... I am arranging DIVAS DAY OUT! (ps Renee its for the weekend you are here so bring some scrap stuff! oh and a purdy outfit that suits fancy schmancy dinner).There will be 6 lucky girls getting an invite in your in box for a full day of scrapbooking followed up by a fabulous dinner out.I can`t wait!
I started Jessica Spragues hand class and I am hoping I will get some more inspiration from that. I will post layouts on my next post.
Everyone please keep my dad`s sisters family in your prayers. We lost my Aunt Doris to cancer on Thursday and the funeral is in Brooks tomorrow so I am going home with dad for that. It was a long struggle for the family and though they knew it was for the is always hard to lose someone you love.
Go hug all your loved ones RIGHT NOW because you never know what tomorrow brings!
oh yeah...Jenny called ha ha! Maybe I can get rid of my dorito dimples(TM) ha ha!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bunny Scouts

whew! I have been a busy girl! Has anyone seen the show "Max and Ruby"? Well I stole their term bunny scouts. Ireland and I are the only two girls in a sea of boys...hence the term Bunny scouts. Recently they thought it would be a good idea to have a camp October...yes it was minus 9!!!! I felt like the Michelin man with my long underwear, fleece and sweater under my mens size large uniform! The camera not only added 30 pounds, so did my uniform. We were freezing our you know whats off!

this is us at the end of the obstacle would have been a lot more fun had we not had to hide under the monkey bars due to extreme winds breaking trees in half!
Ireland doing her investiture...she was so excited to be in the "boys" club

...and Kian. Yes! This is him. A twenty dollar bribe convinced hom to cut off that scraggly mop he had! I paid for highlights if he agreed to cut his hair. I think he looks so handsome!

and yes, I was invested too. Scouts is sort of like being in AA though. Morgan hasn't taken the kids for his week the last 3 months in a row. Mom was needing a little break. Every time there was an opportunity to go out, I had scouts training at 8 am the next morning!

Our company decided to not hire for the position they advertised so no promotion:(
I was having a little moment checking out everyones blogs last night wishing i could have time to scrapbook. Then fate stepped up to help me out. Vaughn came in my room puking his guts out and so I couldn't take him to day care today. We slept in until a delicious hour of 9:30. He seems much better although a little cranky and I am hoping to square away my new scrap space and get in a little scrap time. I will share pics of the new space soon and some scrappiness.
Anyone holding a crop let me know...I am totally tempted to fly out of town for a little me time. jeanette and I are threatening to fly to Vegas for new years eve so if there are any takers, let me know:)

Friday, September 26, 2008

good times

I have been having a super fabulous time just enjoying life, friends, work...i know, some of you are puking in your mouth right now and wanting to spit! I am really enjoying my job working with the disabled and have applied for a promotion. I have had 2 situations with staff that have really broke my heart and I don't like being in that position where I have to say life sucks, wish I could help.
One gal was on a term position to cover a mat leave and the mom came back 6 months early. The girl covering for her got 2 weeks notice! WTF????? Talk about unfair.I called in a favor from an agency I used to work for and she got an interview for a position and I totally hope she gets it. Can't wait until we are union.
Another guy is older and is doing our night sleep position. After covering the shift for one month , they gave the position away right out from under him!
I have said to my kids many times that life is not fair...and i am totally retracting that from my vocabulary!!! Sometimes it isn't fair and it royally sucks!

Okay that was my only bad little rant ha ha! Finally, yes, you are going to read this correctly, my back yard reno is complete! I know Andreanne is peeing her pants reading this right now after all the slave child labor I got out of her in the summer.My neighbor gave me the most fabulous compliment today and said he thought the yard looked amazing and he was very proud of Jeanette and I because we pretty much did it our bad selves! ooh ooh! We don't need no stinking boys! Ha ha!
So feast your eyes...I did have pretty flowers but welcome to alberta! The frost killed them.We started May long weekend and I only had evenings after work and weekends so it took a long time but it was so worth it.
Next summer Andreanne, we are just going to sit in the yard and enjoy it having hot tub parties and barbecues....then thats when the boys will come ha ha!

The counter tops aren't on but I love this barbecue centre and back splash, there is a wine rack and fridge to go in the bottom openings.

View of the bar and my sad little frozen plant...I thought I could keep it alive until next year, bahahahahahaha! I know, I can't grow stuff, just people.
The hot tub is also working and sporting a fab new cover!

This is the 2nd lower tier of the deck. There is a little space with a slide where Vaughn can go down into his sand box and skip the stairs. All the lights are solar and look really pretty at night!

Last but not least, the pergola. I am dying to have just one fire in my outdoor fireplace...maybe this weekend. We are having a second summer! It has been 26 for the last 4 days or so! Enough about the yard...

I took my children to Scouts and was all happy that they now accept girls.They said I could drop the kids off at 6 and pick them up at 8. Once i arrive back, they VOLUNTOLD me that if my daughter was to stay in scouts they would need a female troup leader. Where oh where were they ever going to find one of those??? as he looks in my direction. SO I have 2 weekends of scout training! Can't tie knots to save my life. Whats wrong with good ol granny knots? Then I made the mistake of saying I sew....thought maybe for a craft or no no, I get to sew 50 scarves for the little darlings. All kidding aside, I think i will enjoy it. It is awesome to see the kids so excited about earning badges.

My BFF came to visit us and got a full dose of Porter, sorry hunny you are a trooper for staying. We had a little impromptu photo shoot, as always.

we have the girls... a classy one where we weren't in the bathroom ha ha!

my impression of a bratz know where your head is huge and your body looks so small? Jenny Craig worked for me!

This was the classy bathroom one...we were looking for a nice back drop...funny I think our heads were slightly clouded by booze as i do have many places good for taking pictures.

last but not least...had to do it! had to throw just one teeny little kissy face in there! I don't know why but if I drink even a bit I always have the Elvis smile! It looks like a bad plastic surgery or botox gone wrong!

Oh your local firefighters!
Love you blog sistas...Chanel, thanks for getting my cj back! I missed it and evryone made it so beautiful!

Monday, September 1, 2008

August update

Well, I am loving my new job but not loving being away from my baby everyday, not being able to scrap book whenever i want and never having time to clean the house.
Renee came to visit and we went to Seether. The opening band, Vener Union was awesome...better than Seether if you ask me. We had to wait 3 HOURS for them to finally come on. Since some of us had to work, we didn't even stay for the concert to finish.It was fun to visit though...we never even scrapbooked!
I was very sad on August 14th as I had to take Andreanne to the airport...but she wants to move her next summer! She would like to attend college in Alberta and we would unofficially adopt her in a is the folder I made her about the summer. It is from Lisa Bearnsons kit i think but I love it!None of these photos are cropped, I was just proud of my bad self for posting ha ha!

I managed to get the kiddos sitting for some family photos. The group shot didn't go so well...vaughn had a fit! I never knew that it happened to be nap day. You know when you don't nap them but then by the time you realize you should have napped is so far gone that there is no hope?
Luckily I was in the privacy of the photo lab so other mothers couldn't point and stare wondering why my kid was such a brat...come on, we are all guilty.

these are one of my favorites with each kiddo...yes grandma, we will post to face book so you can make copies...BTW do you guys have a place to get mail or no?
Andreanne and I went whitewater rafting and it was fun but we could have handled more action. I have received some cj's back and you gals have done an amazing job!
I just started working on my 7-gypsies photo turn the ATC holder but rawks!
I am off to stalk some blogs and sorry I can't visit as much as before:( Love you girls and thanks for the inspiration!

Friday, August 8, 2008

quick update

So I have been busting my butt on the deck and at work and it seems I have no time to be on the computer! I am so jealous of not being at home anymore...why did I want a job again? oh yeah...I like to keep a roof over our heads ha ha!

I found this pic of my babe...he looks so sweet!I had a bunch saved to my desk top that I need to print off, but looking cures my baby itch for a while. Speaking of babies, CONGRATULATIONS mommy and Ali Edwards is having another baby! I am so excited for you both!

Amelie, Andreanne and I went quadding last weekend and we found some mud! It was pretty fun, the girls had some funny camp fire stories. We couldn't figure out why they were cracking up when we got out the marshmallow sticks. Well it seems the trailer ran out of water and the toilet paper didn't flush. So they used the end of the marshmallow stick to shove the paper down....yeah, so anyways we used sticks to roast our marshmallows...they were happy until I told them how many people pee inthe woods ha haha!

I found this picture which is one of many of Andreanne and Ireland blowing bubbles. I loved them! At least I have been scrapbooking even though I have not been blogging. But since I played hookey from work today ( hey it's 3o above and i need to WORK on my tan ha ha) I better get busy. We are going whitewater rafting and gotta get on the road. I hope everyone is having a fabulous summer free of mosquitos and sun burns!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

fad diet!

well I am home from surgery and I was thinking I would come home and catch up on some unfinished yard work and such...not quite. My surgery was friday morning and they kicked me out friday evening. They accidentally called my ex to pick me up instead of Jeanette but he graciously arrived and wheeled me (barf bag and all) to his truck and drove me home.
I love Canada for our health care services but I mean I was seriously waiting for them to kick me in the ass on the way out the door! I was still under anesthetic and they were shaking me awake as they were closing that ward! When I met with my doctor she says (about 5 minutes before she was going to cut me open) "Can you remind me again what your surgery today was for?"
I sat there thinking like WTH??? Is there a back door I can get the hell out of here or they may take out my kidney or something by mistake!
Up side/ I lost 13 pounds on friday and another 5 since coming home! tumor, scar tissue and apparently a hernia that they had to repair. Didn't know I had one but I guess one developed because of the tumor and scar tissue. I am all swollen and look six months preggers now but my friend Kristy who works at the hospital assures me it is normal and will go down in a couple weeks. Good thing as I only booked 3 off work!
I was feeling pretty rough on thursday so I went back to the doctor to check for infection.
I totally had good intentions of laying in bed blog surfing and scrap booking but I actually have been sleeping...a lot. I was feeling a little guilty but what do ya do?
Andreanne is back and I am so loving her being here.She brought her friend Amelie.

She has been a massive help. Luckily thing one and thing two had camp the monday until Friday after my surgery so they weren't here to fight with each other ha ha!
We also had Ireland and Porter's birthday. Porter's birthday pics are MIA for some reason! But Ireland had a "photo shoot" and even Miley Cyrus showed up ha ha!I cut up a poster and glued it to cardboard and all the girls had their pics with Miley soo cute!I felt bad cuz one little girl thought she was "really" showing up,oops.

aunt Jeanette had to get in on it, she totally cracks me up!

we had a little photo shoot and I fell in love with this one of Vaughn! He is growing soo fast! I tried to get a photo of all of us but Kian was just being a boy that day and you would think Vaughn would be the hard one but I managed to get one that was ok.

I have to make an anniversary card, baby shower card and thank you card and I want to scrapbook but mama has zero energy! Hey grandma Dee, I will upload more pics to facebook just for you:)
Vaughn's party is going to be sunday cuz apparently my kids are leaving for Saskatchewan until August 12th! Too long for my sissy babies (or ok maybe for me). I hope everyone is in scrap heaven and having a fabulous summer! I will aim for one more post before I am back to the grind swimming in 3 weeks of past paperwork!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

boo to rain!

okay, i am all for a bit of rain to green things up and all...but holy crap! I am seriously considering building an ark with the left over wood from my deck!Anyone with me on that? Or there is my other personal favorite, the few hours of sun we have got is of course during the hours while i am at work. Fifteen minutes before my shift is over, the wrath of God shows up and it starts to cloud over, then is full on downpour by the time I am leaving to go home!

so this was my daughter the night grandpa took her out. I didn't scan the photo of the two of them yet, the photographer did some weird lighting thing and it needs some photo shop!

love this smile! and yes, he did manage to survive until his sixth birthday. He was not too sure when I brought out his new bike if it was really his! I captured this picture because he was hesitant to go get on it.

of course, no post would be complete without a cool pic by aunt Jeanette. She snapped this one of Ireland and it totally cracked me up! We are using these overlays for her birthday party. SHe is having a fashion show. The girls are coming and bedazzling and fabric painting their own shirts, then we are acessorizing and doing a REAL show. Should be pretty cute!
And last...the bad news. I was in training and the hospital called and said that they have me booked for surgery friday the fourth of july.what????
Okay, thanks for fitting me in a year later but hello! I have a job and taking 6 weeks off doesn't go over well when you have only been there six weeks! So now I have been the schizophrenic psycho trying to finish my yard in four days and get a months worth of work done at my group home before i leave.
No craven saskatchewan, no white water rafting and sadly no blog retreat in Denver! boo!I think Andreanne ( my exchange student) is feeling totally shafted! I will be in the hospital a couple days then for about a week bed rest and after that moving pretty slowly. So much for summer.
I am reading the book the secret so I am thinking happy thoughts and hopefully it will attract some good vibes my way. I rototilled my yard for three hours today, tomorrow it will be landscape raking, leveling rolling and prepping for sod, wednesday is sodding and thursday to finish my easy rock. Wish me luck folks. Oh, and if anyone totally gets a happy high from yard work, please do come over. I will have some yummy cold drinks in the cooler and good eats for the barbeque.
I am totally going to be the whore of blogland come saturday ha ha! So I will be posting to sis tv all my dusty layouts that want to shine, visiting everyones blogs and looking at every scrap project. Can't wait to join back to my old life of stay at home mommy!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

ode to Renee

I love how you braved the rain
and "fogged" me until I was insane
my jetsetter keychain, you curled my hair
you chauffered my kid when I wasn't there.
A six hour drive
with daniel wesley cranked...
number one on my list is where you rank.
dying at work cuz I was out till 3 o'clock
but I didn't mind cuz you totally RAWK!
loves ya nay nay!

I am officially maybe posting twice this month just for Renee! Thanks for all the good job wishes...with this new job I am posting one of my children up for adoption to any takers. Porter is officially driving me crazy! I mean I work in a behavior field for pete's sake! I have tried ignoring his behavior, I have tried redirecting, praising him randomly when he is behaving so maybe it could increase this behavior but no....
he peed on the bathroom floor, wiped his butt on my shower curtain (a fabric one, smacked his baby brother for looking at one of his cars, stuck chewed gum to his new dresser, wrote on the bedroom door and roof of his bedroom...what the hell????

so any person who would like to save him from a fate worse than all means please take him to "sleepaway camp" for a spell would ya? please?i am not sure if he will survive until his next birthday. (disclaimer: I am not confirming nor denying that this child has come to harm so those of you calling cfs, PUT DOWN THE PHONE)

see this handsome guy?

please can you lend me some tissue?cuz I miss him! Stacy is watching the boys and each day when I come pick up Vaughn, Carson runs and hugs me and I just want to cry!

I mean how do you not miss them when two of my favorite boys are this cute?

Jeanette watched me have a melt down after all my porter issues so I seriously hopped in the van and went to a hot tub party at a complete strangers house in edmonton! My friend Jose and I were aquainted again which I happened to need. I also saw my good friend Cerys and I kinda missed her. Daddy was sooo not happy to be appointed for day care duty ( I mean the rest of us call it parenting) but seriously I had to go, my kids life depended on it!

here is a super fabulous self pic I took while the lovely J=nut drove me home in my inebriated state.I know...maybe this isn't the place to say I was smashed but I am not one of those glass a wine girls...I mean I have nine brothers! So yes, I drank probably my body weight in beer but it was super good and I wasn't even hung over the next day.Somebody said God never dishes more than you can handle but hey ,"JC ,buddy, I think you have me confused with someone who can handle all this. Please talk to the angel in charge of filing and adjust my record to borderline in need of the snug fitting white coat would ya? please?"
amd last but not least we all scrapped at Stacy's and I made cards. I was still grumpy over the recent pics of my kids and didn't want to scrap know the one where your daughter "curls her hair" with a comb? And I say, when have I ever curled your hair with a comb?!
she says um....never.
ok then why would you? I say as I am CUTTING off her hair and the comb and the two are forever in a knotted matted mess that I pitch in the garbage,,,of course I take pics as I go so some day when she has a daughter and phones me crying, I will smile on the other end of the line, be all empathetic then show her she totally had it coming. ah...being a mother is so rewarding everyday. MOTHERS I SALUTE YOU! Screw the whole father's day thing...
oh except not you dad! Grampa took Ireland to daddy daughter date night cuz the daddy guy never showed up! bOO!
We get the pictures back tomorrow so I will post them in the month of June so I can get my two posts in for the month just for you nay nay!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

may update

WOWZA! It has been a busy month so there is lots to say...sorry if I bore you.First of all, I quit my dayhome job. There were tears and guilt but I did it. I searched high and low for a good dayhome and couldn't find one! ha ha! My dayhome parents and I hired a nanny to come in my house and watch my boy and the dayhome kids. He is having a serious time with mommy being at work everyday.
Oh yeah, I started a job supervising for a company working with those with special needs.So far I love my job and my staff is awesome!I am hoping my glee wont be too short lived.

Ireland had her dance recital wind up. It was a bit of a gong show. The kids had to arrive at 5:30 for what reason I don`t know...they never went on until 9:30! I didn`t get to take her home until 10:30! whew, thank goodness that is done!

hmmm, this is a bit of an Ireland post. She also had her first communion. She looked so beautiful! Unfortunately she lost her white gold necklace and cross the next day at school! Thank goodness she did get it back after we made a boo hoo I lost my special necklace poster.I was happy as she is so bad with her stuff! grrr! thank you Jesus for giving me one daughter cuz I dont think I could hack two!

I am not sure if anyone remembers the dirt pile I had last year but I was a busy girl!I`ll have to post better pictures later but I got my flagstone path in, the pergola gates and all the perennials! It looks so awesome! It was a lot of work now if only I can keep it all alive cuz green thumb I am not. My mommy showed up to bring me some plants that were already established in hopes I wont kill them. lol!

oh yeah...I learned how to do SIDING! I finished siding under my deck before the appraiser came.
I am so glad that we had a plus 30 weekend last weekend cuz I also got the deck extention, lower deck and little slide done! I still need to put on the rails but this weekend we got rained out! oh well. it was a good time to fertilize the lawn and pick all the lovely weeds that sprouted in my flower bed with the rain.
Happy birthday to Deanna wherever you are these days living the life in the states.
haven`t been doing any scrapbooking cuz of work and yard work but I did finish the ki lace one of Ireland. post more later. Hope all is well with you gals.