Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rant and other things

well it looks like i have this posting once every two or three weeks thing down pat! ha ha! I have been sooo busy! I am setting up for the big crop on the 26th. I cleaned out the dumpster that i once called a garage and it is so clean...I want to leave the doors open so my neighbors will walk by and be all impressed!
I have slat wall up and painted and all my fixtures are here and I have a ton of product coming. Those of you who can't attend the crop are welcome to come and shop.
I have been working dayhome and I really want to tell my parents to get bent. I try and be flexible but hey, momma's on a budget here...my parents cancelled $1000.00 worth of shifts last month! I am not running a drop in center people! I applied for a super fabulous job outside of home and haven't heard back so I am having a little cry over that one.
It looks like this post is turning into a rant...I don't have them often so I am ranting away. Rebecca Sower did a layout once about boys. She saw a little girl with a shirt that said : boys are stupid throw rocks at them" I concur! She said boys were sweet blah blah...they are when they are little boys. I had one but luckily for him I didn't have any rocks:( darn!
You know when you meet new people and you put your best foot forward? I am all for that but just make it a shiny you...not a lying I wish this is who I was you.
Been working four nights a week with Jeanette at the corner pocket and I have to tell ya my ex husband was right about one thing for sure, common sense just isn't all that common. I mean I work with some people that have me sit back and shake my head. It is frustrating. I mean who doesn't love going to work to waitress and spending 45 minutes cleaning up after the girl who just got off shift? It is the highlight of my day!
Okay, enough of me being a hater. I have some fab things planned for the crop and I ordered up a great making memories goodie for a door prize...keep watching here and I may post a little sneak of that and some of the other goodies to be GIVEN away. FOr those of you who want to live vicariously but are too far away...I am also giving away 2 raks! One of the goodie bags that every cropper is getting and one of the door prizes. So anyone who lives more than an hour away and wants there name in just has to post a comment between now and April 26th and we will draw your name that night.
see...I am not all negative I ranted, I feel better it's done


Renee said...

I'm gonna be there...I'm gonna be there!!! You runnin' yet!?!?! k..I'm crashin' too...u okay with that? lol It appears I will be there sometime Friday morn....will call you soon...and hey girl you can rant and rave anytime...besides it's your blog isn't it? HUGS!

Stacy said...

i have to move but i may stop to shop!!!lol

Jude said...

Man, hate the cancelled shifts... I would charge them a flat rate by the month, show or not!! Hope your crop goes so well and you have an empty garage when all is said and done!! LOL.

Linda said...

the girl doth finally blog. wowo...been a while girl. Hope you have fun at the crop, glad you got such a clean garage, and all kinds of goodies coming...and ranting, well, rant away girl.... we all have to get it out. Love and hugs...

Lynn said...

I was starting to wonder where the heck you hae been! Good to see youare around! I know what you mean though LIFE gets busy! Have fun with your crop one of these days we will have to get together!


Karla Dudley said...

Girl girl girl...I'm sorry peeps is getting to you! But I must say...your ranting is cute ^-----^ Things will fall into place for you! I'm certain of it. You just keep going up. You have drive like no other and the talent to match. Biggest congratulations on making your store dreams come true! And have a BLAST at the crop kay?

Hugs sweetheart,

Kelly said...

EVERYONE needs to rant every now and then, I would love to be there BUT I will be scrapbooking here:)Hvae a great time!!!!