Sunday, May 25, 2008

may update

WOWZA! It has been a busy month so there is lots to say...sorry if I bore you.First of all, I quit my dayhome job. There were tears and guilt but I did it. I searched high and low for a good dayhome and couldn't find one! ha ha! My dayhome parents and I hired a nanny to come in my house and watch my boy and the dayhome kids. He is having a serious time with mommy being at work everyday.
Oh yeah, I started a job supervising for a company working with those with special needs.So far I love my job and my staff is awesome!I am hoping my glee wont be too short lived.

Ireland had her dance recital wind up. It was a bit of a gong show. The kids had to arrive at 5:30 for what reason I don`t know...they never went on until 9:30! I didn`t get to take her home until 10:30! whew, thank goodness that is done!

hmmm, this is a bit of an Ireland post. She also had her first communion. She looked so beautiful! Unfortunately she lost her white gold necklace and cross the next day at school! Thank goodness she did get it back after we made a boo hoo I lost my special necklace poster.I was happy as she is so bad with her stuff! grrr! thank you Jesus for giving me one daughter cuz I dont think I could hack two!

I am not sure if anyone remembers the dirt pile I had last year but I was a busy girl!I`ll have to post better pictures later but I got my flagstone path in, the pergola gates and all the perennials! It looks so awesome! It was a lot of work now if only I can keep it all alive cuz green thumb I am not. My mommy showed up to bring me some plants that were already established in hopes I wont kill them. lol!

oh yeah...I learned how to do SIDING! I finished siding under my deck before the appraiser came.
I am so glad that we had a plus 30 weekend last weekend cuz I also got the deck extention, lower deck and little slide done! I still need to put on the rails but this weekend we got rained out! oh well. it was a good time to fertilize the lawn and pick all the lovely weeds that sprouted in my flower bed with the rain.
Happy birthday to Deanna wherever you are these days living the life in the states.
haven`t been doing any scrapbooking cuz of work and yard work but I did finish the ki lace one of Ireland. post more later. Hope all is well with you gals.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


well it seems i say this a lot lately but I wonder how you superwoman post to your blogs like every day!With my four and the 6 day home seems I can't find time to get on the computer as much as I would like to.
A little birdie came by and threatened me to update my blog...but I love this bird!She came to visit and scrapbook and I can't say as we got a whole lot of scrappin done!

oh well...we had fun and I love this little photoshopy pic she did of us...hides my wrinklles ha ha!
I have a beautiful photo of Vaughn eating his first chocolate easter bunny and I so badly wanted to scrap it....COMPLETE BLOCK! so for those of you looking for some fun...I made some copies of the picture and threw some little kits together for anyone who would like to scrap book it! You dont have to use the stuff I provided but it is a nice little trade if you use up something in your stash. So the first 3 people who want to do it let me know, then I will have this pic scrapbooked to perfection over and over again!How cute is he?

After Renee left, I had a visit from Kim but baby wasn't with her:( boo! Stacy also stopped by and I have to say she had the BEST book EVER! with her...I almost didn't let her leave with it but then I bought my own. It's called "We dare you" and maybe you have heard of it but if not...go buy it! Oh BTW there is only one copy left at chapters.After thumbing through that bad boy...I was on a scrap streak! No more block

I dont have a whole lot of photos of myself but one of the girls snapped this one on the weekend and I love how it turned out...know what else I am loving? These new Hambly transparencies! I was dying to use them. The journal says: She shared her daughters spirit and realized she could do it by herself and be happy along the journey"
When Ireland was about 3 she was fiercely independent and when you offered to help her, she would always say "I can do it my big self". I actually have it recorded on one of those K and Co record able albums. With everything going on in my crazy life I do sometimes sit and realize...wait a second, I have done things all by myself and it turned out fine. I have great kids and great friends and thats all you really need at the end of the day right?

this layout turned out great! I also had this photo sitting on my desk for 2 months! I wanted to journal all of Vaughns words as he is talking up a storm! He says so much. My maiden name is Braconnier and it is soo funny cuz he says Backinair as one word and we couldnt figure it out at first. He is saying back in there but it totally sounded like my maiden name pronunciation!I am so proud of him but also sad cuz he is growing up way too fast! I used one of the envelopes from the ck rawks! get one if you can there is a million pieces in this kit!

last but not least...I did the sketch for lotus paperie of Ireland and her best friend at the Avril concert. We got great pics so I also made a little mini album for her to take to show and share at school.
last but not least...if you haven't had a serious belly laugh in a while...go here! I am telling you I think i peed my pants when i read this. I ordered the dorito dimples lol! so freakin funny!