Sunday, May 25, 2008

may update

WOWZA! It has been a busy month so there is lots to say...sorry if I bore you.First of all, I quit my dayhome job. There were tears and guilt but I did it. I searched high and low for a good dayhome and couldn't find one! ha ha! My dayhome parents and I hired a nanny to come in my house and watch my boy and the dayhome kids. He is having a serious time with mommy being at work everyday.
Oh yeah, I started a job supervising for a company working with those with special needs.So far I love my job and my staff is awesome!I am hoping my glee wont be too short lived.

Ireland had her dance recital wind up. It was a bit of a gong show. The kids had to arrive at 5:30 for what reason I don`t know...they never went on until 9:30! I didn`t get to take her home until 10:30! whew, thank goodness that is done!

hmmm, this is a bit of an Ireland post. She also had her first communion. She looked so beautiful! Unfortunately she lost her white gold necklace and cross the next day at school! Thank goodness she did get it back after we made a boo hoo I lost my special necklace poster.I was happy as she is so bad with her stuff! grrr! thank you Jesus for giving me one daughter cuz I dont think I could hack two!

I am not sure if anyone remembers the dirt pile I had last year but I was a busy girl!I`ll have to post better pictures later but I got my flagstone path in, the pergola gates and all the perennials! It looks so awesome! It was a lot of work now if only I can keep it all alive cuz green thumb I am not. My mommy showed up to bring me some plants that were already established in hopes I wont kill them. lol!

oh yeah...I learned how to do SIDING! I finished siding under my deck before the appraiser came.
I am so glad that we had a plus 30 weekend last weekend cuz I also got the deck extention, lower deck and little slide done! I still need to put on the rails but this weekend we got rained out! oh well. it was a good time to fertilize the lawn and pick all the lovely weeds that sprouted in my flower bed with the rain.
Happy birthday to Deanna wherever you are these days living the life in the states.
haven`t been doing any scrapbooking cuz of work and yard work but I did finish the ki lace one of Ireland. post more later. Hope all is well with you gals.


Deanna said...

Hey Tannis Things are looking great,glad to here you got the job, good for you!! thanks for thr B-day wish, we are in Texas still Port Isabel 25 miles from Mexico. We took this boat out in the open water and well it was not good, so we have it up for sale and are looking for a ocean going boat. But not holding any hope on this one selling. Just not any call for house boats down here. We may head over to Flordia and see what their is there.

Stacy said...

cool back yard and i love the deck extension beautiful can not wait to see the final result have fun at work as i have 3 weeks off right now nah nah nah lol!!!

Kimberly White said...

I'm impressed with your siding skills! And wow ... you let go of your day home ! Wow! Hey, I've got some paper holders that you may want. Have a great day! Kim

Renee said...

Glad you're enjoying your new job!!! You deserve it! So how long you have to take on the dayhome kids for? Hopefully not long as it will be nice to get your house back huh? 11 days until I'm there with you crazy girls again!!! Whoo hoo it's party time for Nay Nay's bday!!!! Miss you gals like crazy!! and no..there's no transfer opps hoo for me and you!!! LOL

Lynn said...

Your pics are awesome and your yard looks great! All your hard work paid off! Have a great day!


Ronda P. said...

Congrats on the new job. Ireland looks so cute. The siding looks great.

Linda said...

wowza back at you. Love the pics of Ireland, hehehehe...I have 2 girls, so yeah, you are a very lucky lady to only have one. LOL. Love the siding and all that goodness where the dirt pile used to be. You done good girl. email me about circle in missing in action...LOL...Hugs. Oh and congrats on the new gig.

Jude said...

Hey girl. Glad you survived the dance recital.LOL. I hoep the new job continues to go well, and that your little man will adjust completely real soon. The yard looks great, when are you coming to mine??? LOL.

chanel said...

cute pics ... just spare a thought for me my friend - i have 3 girls! ahhhhhhhh! lol!
your place looks awesome, i am so impressed! have a great weekend ... luv chane