Thursday, June 26, 2008

boo to rain!

okay, i am all for a bit of rain to green things up and all...but holy crap! I am seriously considering building an ark with the left over wood from my deck!Anyone with me on that? Or there is my other personal favorite, the few hours of sun we have got is of course during the hours while i am at work. Fifteen minutes before my shift is over, the wrath of God shows up and it starts to cloud over, then is full on downpour by the time I am leaving to go home!

so this was my daughter the night grandpa took her out. I didn't scan the photo of the two of them yet, the photographer did some weird lighting thing and it needs some photo shop!

love this smile! and yes, he did manage to survive until his sixth birthday. He was not too sure when I brought out his new bike if it was really his! I captured this picture because he was hesitant to go get on it.

of course, no post would be complete without a cool pic by aunt Jeanette. She snapped this one of Ireland and it totally cracked me up! We are using these overlays for her birthday party. SHe is having a fashion show. The girls are coming and bedazzling and fabric painting their own shirts, then we are acessorizing and doing a REAL show. Should be pretty cute!
And last...the bad news. I was in training and the hospital called and said that they have me booked for surgery friday the fourth of july.what????
Okay, thanks for fitting me in a year later but hello! I have a job and taking 6 weeks off doesn't go over well when you have only been there six weeks! So now I have been the schizophrenic psycho trying to finish my yard in four days and get a months worth of work done at my group home before i leave.
No craven saskatchewan, no white water rafting and sadly no blog retreat in Denver! boo!I think Andreanne ( my exchange student) is feeling totally shafted! I will be in the hospital a couple days then for about a week bed rest and after that moving pretty slowly. So much for summer.
I am reading the book the secret so I am thinking happy thoughts and hopefully it will attract some good vibes my way. I rototilled my yard for three hours today, tomorrow it will be landscape raking, leveling rolling and prepping for sod, wednesday is sodding and thursday to finish my easy rock. Wish me luck folks. Oh, and if anyone totally gets a happy high from yard work, please do come over. I will have some yummy cold drinks in the cooler and good eats for the barbeque.
I am totally going to be the whore of blogland come saturday ha ha! So I will be posting to sis tv all my dusty layouts that want to shine, visiting everyones blogs and looking at every scrap project. Can't wait to join back to my old life of stay at home mommy!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

ode to Renee

I love how you braved the rain
and "fogged" me until I was insane
my jetsetter keychain, you curled my hair
you chauffered my kid when I wasn't there.
A six hour drive
with daniel wesley cranked...
number one on my list is where you rank.
dying at work cuz I was out till 3 o'clock
but I didn't mind cuz you totally RAWK!
loves ya nay nay!

I am officially maybe posting twice this month just for Renee! Thanks for all the good job wishes...with this new job I am posting one of my children up for adoption to any takers. Porter is officially driving me crazy! I mean I work in a behavior field for pete's sake! I have tried ignoring his behavior, I have tried redirecting, praising him randomly when he is behaving so maybe it could increase this behavior but no....
he peed on the bathroom floor, wiped his butt on my shower curtain (a fabric one, smacked his baby brother for looking at one of his cars, stuck chewed gum to his new dresser, wrote on the bedroom door and roof of his bedroom...what the hell????

so any person who would like to save him from a fate worse than all means please take him to "sleepaway camp" for a spell would ya? please?i am not sure if he will survive until his next birthday. (disclaimer: I am not confirming nor denying that this child has come to harm so those of you calling cfs, PUT DOWN THE PHONE)

see this handsome guy?

please can you lend me some tissue?cuz I miss him! Stacy is watching the boys and each day when I come pick up Vaughn, Carson runs and hugs me and I just want to cry!

I mean how do you not miss them when two of my favorite boys are this cute?

Jeanette watched me have a melt down after all my porter issues so I seriously hopped in the van and went to a hot tub party at a complete strangers house in edmonton! My friend Jose and I were aquainted again which I happened to need. I also saw my good friend Cerys and I kinda missed her. Daddy was sooo not happy to be appointed for day care duty ( I mean the rest of us call it parenting) but seriously I had to go, my kids life depended on it!

here is a super fabulous self pic I took while the lovely J=nut drove me home in my inebriated state.I know...maybe this isn't the place to say I was smashed but I am not one of those glass a wine girls...I mean I have nine brothers! So yes, I drank probably my body weight in beer but it was super good and I wasn't even hung over the next day.Somebody said God never dishes more than you can handle but hey ,"JC ,buddy, I think you have me confused with someone who can handle all this. Please talk to the angel in charge of filing and adjust my record to borderline in need of the snug fitting white coat would ya? please?"
amd last but not least we all scrapped at Stacy's and I made cards. I was still grumpy over the recent pics of my kids and didn't want to scrap know the one where your daughter "curls her hair" with a comb? And I say, when have I ever curled your hair with a comb?!
she says um....never.
ok then why would you? I say as I am CUTTING off her hair and the comb and the two are forever in a knotted matted mess that I pitch in the garbage,,,of course I take pics as I go so some day when she has a daughter and phones me crying, I will smile on the other end of the line, be all empathetic then show her she totally had it coming. ah...being a mother is so rewarding everyday. MOTHERS I SALUTE YOU! Screw the whole father's day thing...
oh except not you dad! Grampa took Ireland to daddy daughter date night cuz the daddy guy never showed up! bOO!
We get the pictures back tomorrow so I will post them in the month of June so I can get my two posts in for the month just for you nay nay!