Sunday, July 13, 2008

fad diet!

well I am home from surgery and I was thinking I would come home and catch up on some unfinished yard work and such...not quite. My surgery was friday morning and they kicked me out friday evening. They accidentally called my ex to pick me up instead of Jeanette but he graciously arrived and wheeled me (barf bag and all) to his truck and drove me home.
I love Canada for our health care services but I mean I was seriously waiting for them to kick me in the ass on the way out the door! I was still under anesthetic and they were shaking me awake as they were closing that ward! When I met with my doctor she says (about 5 minutes before she was going to cut me open) "Can you remind me again what your surgery today was for?"
I sat there thinking like WTH??? Is there a back door I can get the hell out of here or they may take out my kidney or something by mistake!
Up side/ I lost 13 pounds on friday and another 5 since coming home! tumor, scar tissue and apparently a hernia that they had to repair. Didn't know I had one but I guess one developed because of the tumor and scar tissue. I am all swollen and look six months preggers now but my friend Kristy who works at the hospital assures me it is normal and will go down in a couple weeks. Good thing as I only booked 3 off work!
I was feeling pretty rough on thursday so I went back to the doctor to check for infection.
I totally had good intentions of laying in bed blog surfing and scrap booking but I actually have been sleeping...a lot. I was feeling a little guilty but what do ya do?
Andreanne is back and I am so loving her being here.She brought her friend Amelie.

She has been a massive help. Luckily thing one and thing two had camp the monday until Friday after my surgery so they weren't here to fight with each other ha ha!
We also had Ireland and Porter's birthday. Porter's birthday pics are MIA for some reason! But Ireland had a "photo shoot" and even Miley Cyrus showed up ha ha!I cut up a poster and glued it to cardboard and all the girls had their pics with Miley soo cute!I felt bad cuz one little girl thought she was "really" showing up,oops.

aunt Jeanette had to get in on it, she totally cracks me up!

we had a little photo shoot and I fell in love with this one of Vaughn! He is growing soo fast! I tried to get a photo of all of us but Kian was just being a boy that day and you would think Vaughn would be the hard one but I managed to get one that was ok.

I have to make an anniversary card, baby shower card and thank you card and I want to scrapbook but mama has zero energy! Hey grandma Dee, I will upload more pics to facebook just for you:)
Vaughn's party is going to be sunday cuz apparently my kids are leaving for Saskatchewan until August 12th! Too long for my sissy babies (or ok maybe for me). I hope everyone is in scrap heaven and having a fabulous summer! I will aim for one more post before I am back to the grind swimming in 3 weeks of past paperwork!


Renee said...

I just that photo of's awesome! And he's growing longer and bigger everytime I come see you guys! Makes us gals feel It was good seein' u hun...miss you lots...I'll keep you posted on the roadtrip...and oh tell Adreanne I mentioned her on my blog...she's such a sweetie...glad to have met her...Hugs hun!

Stacy said...

ok that pick looks totally cute of vaughn and i am sure all those cute girls could be supermodels some day !!! i am here just been working trying to catch up again because ya wcb and the hospital dont mix i am still waiting for a wcb check lol!!

Jude said...

Man, don;t let the doorknob hit ya' and all that huh? LOL. Take care and slooooow down for pete's sake!!!

Jerry & Dee said...

Hey girl take it easy until your doc says you can go back to work. You may think you are ready, but takes time to heal all the way. Thanks for the pic's love them, the kids are sure getting big. I'm going to take a copy of the for of them and put it on my fridge with the rest of my pic's. Glad you have help there with you!
And that thing with your Doc not remebering what your there for, well my doctor ask me which hip it was when l had my hip replacement so l think it is comon with them.
Jade has been sending me pic's of Raydin even tho her and Pete aren't getting along, she is so sweet.{Raydin that is}.
And yes l haven't posted on my blog for awhile but it is coming l have been filing things, so you will have lots to read and see..
Well take it easy and get well. Tell the kids l love and miss them, and we miss ALL of YOU GUYS.

chanel said...

hey girl ... seems we have something in common, i just had a hernia fixed on wed ... funny! well not really, i have to bloated sore tummy now! lol
its not so bad ...
hope you are feeling heaps better now, by the way i am going to finish your cj ... i promise!
luv chanel