Friday, August 8, 2008

quick update

So I have been busting my butt on the deck and at work and it seems I have no time to be on the computer! I am so jealous of not being at home anymore...why did I want a job again? oh yeah...I like to keep a roof over our heads ha ha!

I found this pic of my babe...he looks so sweet!I had a bunch saved to my desk top that I need to print off, but looking cures my baby itch for a while. Speaking of babies, CONGRATULATIONS mommy and Ali Edwards is having another baby! I am so excited for you both!

Amelie, Andreanne and I went quadding last weekend and we found some mud! It was pretty fun, the girls had some funny camp fire stories. We couldn't figure out why they were cracking up when we got out the marshmallow sticks. Well it seems the trailer ran out of water and the toilet paper didn't flush. So they used the end of the marshmallow stick to shove the paper down....yeah, so anyways we used sticks to roast our marshmallows...they were happy until I told them how many people pee inthe woods ha haha!

I found this picture which is one of many of Andreanne and Ireland blowing bubbles. I loved them! At least I have been scrapbooking even though I have not been blogging. But since I played hookey from work today ( hey it's 3o above and i need to WORK on my tan ha ha) I better get busy. We are going whitewater rafting and gotta get on the road. I hope everyone is having a fabulous summer free of mosquitos and sun burns!