Friday, September 26, 2008

good times

I have been having a super fabulous time just enjoying life, friends, work...i know, some of you are puking in your mouth right now and wanting to spit! I am really enjoying my job working with the disabled and have applied for a promotion. I have had 2 situations with staff that have really broke my heart and I don't like being in that position where I have to say life sucks, wish I could help.
One gal was on a term position to cover a mat leave and the mom came back 6 months early. The girl covering for her got 2 weeks notice! WTF????? Talk about unfair.I called in a favor from an agency I used to work for and she got an interview for a position and I totally hope she gets it. Can't wait until we are union.
Another guy is older and is doing our night sleep position. After covering the shift for one month , they gave the position away right out from under him!
I have said to my kids many times that life is not fair...and i am totally retracting that from my vocabulary!!! Sometimes it isn't fair and it royally sucks!

Okay that was my only bad little rant ha ha! Finally, yes, you are going to read this correctly, my back yard reno is complete! I know Andreanne is peeing her pants reading this right now after all the slave child labor I got out of her in the summer.My neighbor gave me the most fabulous compliment today and said he thought the yard looked amazing and he was very proud of Jeanette and I because we pretty much did it our bad selves! ooh ooh! We don't need no stinking boys! Ha ha!
So feast your eyes...I did have pretty flowers but welcome to alberta! The frost killed them.We started May long weekend and I only had evenings after work and weekends so it took a long time but it was so worth it.
Next summer Andreanne, we are just going to sit in the yard and enjoy it having hot tub parties and barbecues....then thats when the boys will come ha ha!

The counter tops aren't on but I love this barbecue centre and back splash, there is a wine rack and fridge to go in the bottom openings.

View of the bar and my sad little frozen plant...I thought I could keep it alive until next year, bahahahahahaha! I know, I can't grow stuff, just people.
The hot tub is also working and sporting a fab new cover!

This is the 2nd lower tier of the deck. There is a little space with a slide where Vaughn can go down into his sand box and skip the stairs. All the lights are solar and look really pretty at night!

Last but not least, the pergola. I am dying to have just one fire in my outdoor fireplace...maybe this weekend. We are having a second summer! It has been 26 for the last 4 days or so! Enough about the yard...

I took my children to Scouts and was all happy that they now accept girls.They said I could drop the kids off at 6 and pick them up at 8. Once i arrive back, they VOLUNTOLD me that if my daughter was to stay in scouts they would need a female troup leader. Where oh where were they ever going to find one of those??? as he looks in my direction. SO I have 2 weekends of scout training! Can't tie knots to save my life. Whats wrong with good ol granny knots? Then I made the mistake of saying I sew....thought maybe for a craft or no no, I get to sew 50 scarves for the little darlings. All kidding aside, I think i will enjoy it. It is awesome to see the kids so excited about earning badges.

My BFF came to visit us and got a full dose of Porter, sorry hunny you are a trooper for staying. We had a little impromptu photo shoot, as always.

we have the girls... a classy one where we weren't in the bathroom ha ha!

my impression of a bratz know where your head is huge and your body looks so small? Jenny Craig worked for me!

This was the classy bathroom one...we were looking for a nice back drop...funny I think our heads were slightly clouded by booze as i do have many places good for taking pictures.

last but not least...had to do it! had to throw just one teeny little kissy face in there! I don't know why but if I drink even a bit I always have the Elvis smile! It looks like a bad plastic surgery or botox gone wrong!

Oh your local firefighters!
Love you blog sistas...Chanel, thanks for getting my cj back! I missed it and evryone made it so beautiful!

Monday, September 1, 2008

August update

Well, I am loving my new job but not loving being away from my baby everyday, not being able to scrap book whenever i want and never having time to clean the house.
Renee came to visit and we went to Seether. The opening band, Vener Union was awesome...better than Seether if you ask me. We had to wait 3 HOURS for them to finally come on. Since some of us had to work, we didn't even stay for the concert to finish.It was fun to visit though...we never even scrapbooked!
I was very sad on August 14th as I had to take Andreanne to the airport...but she wants to move her next summer! She would like to attend college in Alberta and we would unofficially adopt her in a is the folder I made her about the summer. It is from Lisa Bearnsons kit i think but I love it!None of these photos are cropped, I was just proud of my bad self for posting ha ha!

I managed to get the kiddos sitting for some family photos. The group shot didn't go so well...vaughn had a fit! I never knew that it happened to be nap day. You know when you don't nap them but then by the time you realize you should have napped is so far gone that there is no hope?
Luckily I was in the privacy of the photo lab so other mothers couldn't point and stare wondering why my kid was such a brat...come on, we are all guilty.

these are one of my favorites with each kiddo...yes grandma, we will post to face book so you can make copies...BTW do you guys have a place to get mail or no?
Andreanne and I went whitewater rafting and it was fun but we could have handled more action. I have received some cj's back and you gals have done an amazing job!
I just started working on my 7-gypsies photo turn the ATC holder but rawks!
I am off to stalk some blogs and sorry I can't visit as much as before:( Love you girls and thanks for the inspiration!