Monday, September 1, 2008

August update

Well, I am loving my new job but not loving being away from my baby everyday, not being able to scrap book whenever i want and never having time to clean the house.
Renee came to visit and we went to Seether. The opening band, Vener Union was awesome...better than Seether if you ask me. We had to wait 3 HOURS for them to finally come on. Since some of us had to work, we didn't even stay for the concert to finish.It was fun to visit though...we never even scrapbooked!
I was very sad on August 14th as I had to take Andreanne to the airport...but she wants to move her next summer! She would like to attend college in Alberta and we would unofficially adopt her in a is the folder I made her about the summer. It is from Lisa Bearnsons kit i think but I love it!None of these photos are cropped, I was just proud of my bad self for posting ha ha!

I managed to get the kiddos sitting for some family photos. The group shot didn't go so well...vaughn had a fit! I never knew that it happened to be nap day. You know when you don't nap them but then by the time you realize you should have napped is so far gone that there is no hope?
Luckily I was in the privacy of the photo lab so other mothers couldn't point and stare wondering why my kid was such a brat...come on, we are all guilty.

these are one of my favorites with each kiddo...yes grandma, we will post to face book so you can make copies...BTW do you guys have a place to get mail or no?
Andreanne and I went whitewater rafting and it was fun but we could have handled more action. I have received some cj's back and you gals have done an amazing job!
I just started working on my 7-gypsies photo turn the ATC holder but rawks!
I am off to stalk some blogs and sorry I can't visit as much as before:( Love you girls and thanks for the inspiration!


Jerry & Dee said...

Hey thanks the pic's are nice. Both Alen and Ian are coming down to Florida in Dec, so if you like get a hold of them and they can bring it down to me. A CD of pic's of you and the kids would be great. We are in a place for maybe one month at a time, so it is hard to let everyone know where we are ie: as per address? I would say give it to Alen & Noni as Ian could forget!!! You know with so much he has going on.. take care Love Grandma Dee..

Renee said...

Love the folder you did for Andreanne...she'll love it!!! Hey I miss you lots! I know you're always there to listen and give me tough mommy luv and I'm appreciative of that! Will be looking forward to those fogcutters when I come in on the 19th...and hey we're going out no ifs ands or buts! Get a sitter lined up! I need some LYLA's nite out!

Renee said...

oh ps....LOVE the photo of you and Kian...I know how hard it is to get a good photo of him lately as he's growing so fast. And I have to say this is a great one!

Jude said...

Other mothers should NEVER pint fingers, at some point, even if it is only once, it will be your own kid having the meltdown. I swear I jsut want to hug the mom who is going thru it and say, I support you... if you want to leave this cart of stuff, do it, you want to pop his little booty, ok, be my guest. You want to ignore him, we all will!! Mothers Unite!!! LOL. ;0 The family pics came out great, I love them!!

Renee said...

ummm me again....UPDATE!!!! lol how was the run?