Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bunny Scouts

whew! I have been a busy girl! Has anyone seen the show "Max and Ruby"? Well I stole their term bunny scouts. Ireland and I are the only two girls in a sea of boys...hence the term Bunny scouts. Recently they thought it would be a good idea to have a camp out...in Alberta...in October...yes it was minus 9!!!! I felt like the Michelin man with my long underwear, fleece and sweater under my mens size large uniform! The camera not only added 30 pounds, so did my uniform. We were freezing our you know whats off!

this is us at the end of the obstacle course...it would have been a lot more fun had we not had to hide under the monkey bars due to extreme winds breaking trees in half!
Ireland doing her investiture...she was so excited to be in the "boys" club

...and Kian. Yes! This is him. A twenty dollar bribe convinced hom to cut off that scraggly mop he had! I paid for highlights if he agreed to cut his hair. I think he looks so handsome!

and yes, I was invested too. Scouts is sort of like being in AA though. Morgan hasn't taken the kids for his week the last 3 months in a row. Mom was needing a little break. Every time there was an opportunity to go out, I had scouts training at 8 am the next morning!

Our company decided to not hire for the position they advertised so no promotion:(
I was having a little moment checking out everyones blogs last night wishing i could have time to scrapbook. Then fate stepped up to help me out. Vaughn came in my room puking his guts out and so I couldn't take him to day care today. We slept in until a delicious hour of 9:30. He seems much better although a little cranky and I am hoping to square away my new scrap space and get in a little scrap time. I will share pics of the new space soon and some scrappiness.
Anyone holding a crop let me know...I am totally tempted to fly out of town for a little me time. jeanette and I are threatening to fly to Vegas for new years eve so if there are any takers, let me know:)