Saturday, November 8, 2008

just for Renee and anyone else who still reads!

well apparently i don't update my blog enough for grandma Deanna and Renee. I am a busY gal what can I say? Of course because I was supposed to have this weekend off I was puking my guts out and other disgusting things! I was all hyped to go to finger eleven, at the concert, waiting for them to come on after the opening band....after my fifth trip to the bathroom, I left!
I officially want to die! Jeanette told me to go on the ex lax diet so I can hit my goal weight before we hit the Dominican at Christmas....I highly recommend the flu diet where everything you eat comes back up or out the other end faster than you ate it for a weight loss weekly of 7 pounds or so! haha are the cutie pies frm Halloween...Vaughn totally cracked me up! He knocks on our house door after Kian took the kids on our cul de sac- I pen the door and he says MOMMA! GIMME CANDY! I mean trick or treat!

my little lion,,,comes complete with a hearty roar!

no costume for Kian but he was kind enough to take the kids around the cul de sac while I handed out candy.psst (I`m pretty sure he had a candy bag for that little walk ha ha)

the ninja...and the nuther brother is officially too cool for halloween dress up at the ripe old age of 11

My sweet little scary fairy...

and last but not least the woman who makes herself this costume!My amazing friend lent it to me and I won a prize at work for best costume. I had to wash my hair three times to get the black out, I was getting worried!
I was so happy to finally do some scrap booking! I thought I had officially lost all creativity. It took me three hours of shuffling papers and embellies to make one page!!
soooo... I am arranging DIVAS DAY OUT! (ps Renee its for the weekend you are here so bring some scrap stuff! oh and a purdy outfit that suits fancy schmancy dinner).There will be 6 lucky girls getting an invite in your in box for a full day of scrapbooking followed up by a fabulous dinner out.I can`t wait!
I started Jessica Spragues hand class and I am hoping I will get some more inspiration from that. I will post layouts on my next post.
Everyone please keep my dad`s sisters family in your prayers. We lost my Aunt Doris to cancer on Thursday and the funeral is in Brooks tomorrow so I am going home with dad for that. It was a long struggle for the family and though they knew it was for the is always hard to lose someone you love.
Go hug all your loved ones RIGHT NOW because you never know what tomorrow brings!
oh yeah...Jenny called ha ha! Maybe I can get rid of my dorito dimples(TM) ha ha!


Linda said...

LOL...Love your costume. Sorry you were sick, that totally sucks. Anyway, no I never did get my CJ back, or Andreannes. they got lost somewhere between you and me. Love and hugs.

Renee said...

HOLLA!!! Hey chica I sooo need inspiration so if you get some..umm send it up my way STAT! I'm so looking forward to our weekend!!! After the way this week is shaping up and the next it's going to be well deserved! Can't wait to see you girls! And hey! thanks for updating! Miss you chica! Oh and tell Kian I'm disappointed he didn't dress up but am so proud of him for being a good brother and taking his siblings out...what a kid! Cheers!

Stacy said...

what weekend is this am i invited ??? lol hope to see ya soon love the wonder woman!

Kelly said...

ok so where's the three hour layout??? NEXT TIME, I hope you have lots of MOJO this weekend and have a fatastic time!!!!

Jude said...

How did I miss this update??? Hmmm... well, I am loving the little cuties in their Halloween goodness! You are too funny as WW, but HELLO? You are lucky that balck came out of your golden locks! That stuff is no joke and it likes to grab blonde and hold on to it!! LOL. :)
I messed up all my good work this month in dietville too... I can already feel the mush returning! Ugh!!! I am glad to know you are enjoying the lingo still though... fat with a name is just happier fat ya' know? :)