Thursday, November 27, 2008

no snow

People are amazed that it hasn't snowed yet...maybe it is because I blogged twice in one month, like a hell freezing over sort of thing ha ha! I have yet to post pics of my scrap projects but it has been so busy!
Renee came to visit and it was tons of fun..we karaoked, and shopped and scrapbooked and were on our best behavior , or not!
I took some fabulous pictures of the kids, no one was fighting and the pictures looked great....then I realized that I had no camera card in the camera! SO Renee was sweet enough to take another little photo shoot for us.

the one that didnt make the christmas card....ha ha

so out for now but happy looking


Renee said...

But the kids were so into the quad picture!!!! lmao....I love you guys! Miss ya cats already! And whadya mean we didn't stay out of trouble?!? Who? Us? NEVER!!! Oh and if I bring more than a suitcase and scrapbook know you're in trouble and well Jeanette better get bunkbeds in her room...HA! HA! HA! Keep me posted on the cocoa prince.

Stacy said...

you two always manage to find trouble i need to be coming to supervise next time and i mean supervise lol!!!

Stacy said...

hey come back to my blog i left you something special there!

Renee said...

k ummm it's been over a month since you updated this damn thing!!! get on it would ya!!!!! lol I want to see xmas photos and stuff!!! lol Miss ya kids!