Thursday, December 25, 2008

merry christmas to all!

Well, here is my monthly post ha ha! SO much going on at Christmas, I am super excited for this family who is doubly blessed! My intuition turned out to be correct.
I am finally posting just for three hour layout! It only took me what? two months? ha ha!It is making memories paper, tiles, tags and sticker and 7 gypsies transparencies. Of course, blogger wont let me upload pictures right now!So screw blogger, everyone will just have to wait.

I am missing my two baby boys Porter and Vaughn who went to the farm with daddy. The two older children stayed at grandmas. They had fun going toboganning and making crafts with grandma. We went to the light festival at Hawrelak parka nd I have fab photos but this damn computer is going to make me mad because nothing will upload! GRRR!
Sadly...our family trip was not to be to somewhere hot! Apparently you are only allowed two children. Damn me for having four! So we are taking a family trip snowboarding for a few days in February when Dad gets back from Oman.
I made the crying gift this year.We made morgan a little mini album with the words to lonestar...Already there. The words are awesome and it will give him a little piece of home.I know, I know...what a nice ex wife! ha ha

I am taking French lessons before my trip to Andreanne's Grad in Quebec in June. Also....
WOO HOOOOO! ANdreanne's mother is engaged to a man from Red Deer and they may be moved here sooner than I think to a neighbouring subdivison, Vanier woods. She will be a quick walk from our house! We are so excited.

Here is my last big piece of news, I am taking a break from my life! Jeanette and I are going to get thee hell outta dodge! Merry Christmas all (with the exception that I miss my baby boys)and see you all in the new year!
Ps...I know my cards I sent are not handmade (the horror!) but I am sendin love just the same!


Dee said...

Hey good to here from you again, we have left Gibsonton Fl. so if you send any stuff you may get it back, {SORRY} Must be nice to be kid free. And you and Jennette behave yourselfs hahaha like that would ever happen. But stay {SAFE} and be happy.
Love Mom Deanna

Kelly said...

Merry Christmas and I hope you had a good new year:)

Renee said...

Miss you and Jnut like crazy! Big Hugs from me as I know things have been crazy all of a sudden...I'm glad however you had a nice Christmas season....HUGS!

Renee said...

psssst.....update this damn thing! oh there's something on my blog for ya...cuz're just Fierce and Fabulous!