Sunday, January 11, 2009

some pictures finally!

me on christmas day with my boy

the prettiest girls

Porter was happy for everything!
Vaughn's favorite gift was his quad from mama

ireland made the most adorable nativity set from clay...she wanted it to look like my willow tree people, I think she did a fabulous job!

Kelly...can you believe it? The three hour layout in real life!'s not 3 hours amazing but I was suffering from some serious scrappers block!

Here is my handsome son, dressed up for his first junior high school dance...junior high! Frick am I getting old!

It was a winter masquerade is his second date Sarah...apparently Janessa, his first date dumped him! The drama of sixth grade

This year I am starting out single and I was being a hater...everyone's all in love and shit...blah!But...I decided to take this time for myself. I am always wrapped up in the kids and their activities and work and I decided it was time to be a little selfish.So at the beginning of the month I started the body for life program (again). I completed it after Porter was born and lost 28 pounds in 12 weeks and went from a size twelve to a size 4 so it works! I half heartedly tried it once with this girl but lacked the time and motivation to complete it then.I think the difference is that my "before" picture then is what I would love to weigh now! ha ha!
I am off all my medication from my tumor and surgeries this summer and though I am healthy, that crap made me gain weight...they say its one of the side effects...You always wonder if the side effects are worth the actual medication!SO very diligently I have been getting up every morning at 6:15 and doing my workouts. Can't say I'm a fan of not sleeping in a little later but 7 pounds down so far makes me smile. I took a seriously nasty before photo and I will take one every four weeks. is where you my friends come in, at the end of 12 weeks I will post them...since I want to look fabulous in the after photo, It will be one more thing and you guys can help hold me accountable!
Don't worry, I will post an advisory warning before the "before" picture of me in a BIKINI goes up! ha ha. I made sure to get one in the size I want to be so it should fit perfect at the end.
Speaking of fabulous friends...apparently SHE thinks my blog is fabulous!SO I am supposed to nominate five other people ( there is a cute icon thingie you can get from her blog if you want)and list 5 of my faves right now

1. can't live without the gym
2. Love my son cuz he uploaded my ipod and it makes workouts fly by!
3.Sipping a strawberry smoothie while soaking in an epsom salt bath really does work on stretch marks!
5. friends cuz you guys are the best and I really love ya!

oh and I nominate
karla...but you already all knew she was fabulous
jude put the depends on before you read this gals blog!
Jeanette straight up, to the point no holds barred!
and last but certainly not least I have to nominate Kim! SHe has been doing amazing stuff with digital these days! love it!
whew! so super long post but I am done...check oyu all soon, big kisses!


Renee said...

Of course it was a ploy to get you to update this damn thing...but also cuz YOU ARE FABULOUS!!!!! Miss you girls like crazy...I'll be housesitting in Whitecourt for like 4-5 weeks if you cats want to take a roadtrip...winks...

Stacy said...

oh i really need to do this !! ireland girl you rock with the art and kian quit growing lready thanks lol!!!! and renee is right you are fabulous!!!!

Jude said...

I cannot believe Ireland made that nativity! It is awesome!! I am so glad you are doing BFL... i am trying to get back into too, but man, between migraines,sick kids, etc. the workouts are not happening often enough. (and I know, I could get up early like you, but... LOL)

Jude said...

oops, and thanks for the love too!!