Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Well it's been 2 1/2 weeks doing BFL and I was a little stressed that I didn't see the scale move by leaps and bounds. I did measurements and i have lost 8 I will rejoice in the fact that I haven't gained ha ha. I am not loving getting up at 6 in the morning but the total killer is that I wake up at that time on the weekend too!

love my little crazy bed head baby....even though he peed my bed. He has been staying with daddy the last couple weeks so momma has been missing him.

I took a little mini break from mom duty and went to Edmonton and I met Ki in person. She is one of those girls that you feel like you've known all your life. She even cursed at me ha ha! Gotta love her and add her to the BFF list! She gave me this amazing stash of scrap goodness...I mean her throw aways were my treasure! Can't wait to make something. I have not scrapped and again I fear I am losing the mojo...if anyone knows of any big scrap do's let me know. Maybe I need to fly somewhere and scrapbook instead of go to Greece ha ha! (I'm not joking about that though...anyone?)

Renee and I entertained ourselves at a little auction and I came home with a fabulous platter!

my friend DOug got a bit too big for his britches so he got put in his place...and hey ladies, he can take some abuse we ribbed him all night, but he is single so if there are any takers....BTW yes, we did make him get a haircut after this photo was taken.

here is a nice smiling one of him so you can get a good view...I can email the deats to anyone who is interested. We need to find him the "one".

Renee...she cracks me up...after one of Ki's "one finger" drink for pansy old me...I think I was pretty much done...

I was able to compose myself enough to take a good one.

I did some demo in the living room and built a shelf beside the fireplace all by my big self and found some fabulous fabric at IKEA to make little blind covers for my room.

aren't those pretty? I want pure design lady to come to my house and pull all my crap together! I want a house from a magazine which I know is impossible for us folk with kids but I can's to dreaming girls!


Renee said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the blind covers...very cute! And hey thanks for coming in and spending time with lil ole me and Ki...I had a great time...and hey that pic of Doug cracks me the hell up!!! OMG...awesome!!! Can't wait to see you on the 7th...hugs! We're going out...don't care where...but we're goin!

Jeanette said...

Thanks for the post on my fuck you friday rant.Im not sure how long it will last but im sure happy...can ya tell..I hope for you one day that one hot sexy man will sweep you off your deserve it...I love ya !

Jude said...

8 INCHES! That is great! It is not about the pounds... remember you are building muscle! ;0

Lynn said...

You girls are so cute! Looks like too much fun! Love the blinds nd that little blonde bed head is adorable! When is the next concert in Calgary anyway???