Tuesday, February 3, 2009

joy and sorrow

well well well....it has been four weeks on body for life and I took my four week photo today. Not happy that overall average for the month was only a 4 pound weight loss.WTF?????? I did thankfully lose 9 inches and of course, damn murphy! Had to be the boobs that were the first to go,not the dorito dimples(TM) on my butt, or that jello jiggly muffin top....
but i am going to keep on trucking and I hope that this month has a lot better results. I have fallen in love with smoothies! I tried this protein powder that tastes likes banana cream pie...a little powdery but good.

Sad news, my BFF is sad as her prince charming turned out to be a frog! DOWN WITH BOYS! We are having a drunk in a dress party. We are getting dolled up and going out on Friday night and hopefully she will remember that she has a bunch of friends who lover her sooooo much she'll forget about ol what's his name.Anyone near or far is invited to come...it will be followed up by the bestest pajama party ever at my joint! So RSVP me, i will be making some yummy appies also and they will be good going down so if they come up, who cares.

all the girls...See we found her smile

we were on a "winks" kick...cute huh?

one of my new BFFS...Ki!
Irena...gotta keep her close, she has a line on an available bachelor ha ha ha!"
All the girls, Jessica, Pam , Ki, second row Irena, Renee, Jeanette and me!

So let's switch it up. What do you do on a sunday morning when your kids wake you up at the crack of your arse with their bickering???DO tell....you home reno! I did this crazy horoscope thing on the email that someone forwarded to me. I hate forwards usually and then they say make 2 wishes and they'll come true...but they threaten if you don't forward the email to five thousand people in the next 20 seconds you will have bad luck for 80 years. I wished for 2 things and they both came true! One was I wish I had some extra money. SO bam! I find a check from an investment at the bank for $511.42! No way!I also got another $1000 for this income tax crap I did and they didn't approve my days off until march SO I used it to by a new duvet cover for my room, a flatscreen for my room, then I got some hand from my right hand woman jeanette and we put up 2 shelves and some nice pictures in the laundry room. It is sooo home and garden tv! And in case we have never said it before: WE DON"T NEED NO STINKING BOYSSSSS! Feast your eyes...

and i still have some tweaking to do here but i ripped out the nasty particle board shelves and put in this unit from IKEA in the living room, way better!

Jeanette helped me with this but I added a top shelf to store cards, wrap and birthday stuff...cuz I always buy in advance once i choose a theme. Also I added one above the macines soI could fold laundry there. Zoe would be so proud cuz before i always threw the clean stuff on the floor till I folded it ha ha...is there a five second rule for clothes?

I treated my self to this little flat screen with a dvd built in and I caved....I got cable hooked up in here but I am happy to report that so far, I have mainly been using this for workouts. And yay, the kids all got their new furniture so my turn came (two years later ha ha) and I now have this lovely dresser...

and gorgeous bed. The night stand is in Irelands room cuz this set was too big for my room! Since I have no boyfriend, spouse, significant other or anything resembling it, I suppose I could push the bed closer to the wall and put the nightstand in here and give Ireland one of the vintage ones. Haven't decided yet. Love the new spring duvet cover with the dandilions on it. Matches my IKEA window treatments.

This weekend is supposed to be good for some scrapbooking and I need to post a pre scrap weekend page inspired by one of my other Lylas...this girl!
WHEW! caught up so enjoy whats left of the weekend gals!


Lynn said...

Great pics of all you girls! SOunds like you had a great time! Love the pics of all your reno's! Good for you!

Renee said...

Thanks again for being the hostess with the mostest! I had a great time....I know Irina did too...was great seeing everyone...even your bros. Thank Ireland again for making the best Scrambled Eggs and Bacon ever!! Thanks for always having a home away from home for me. You and Jeanette are great buds...LYLAS!

Jude said...

Love the new home improvements, ours in in sore need of some TLC... maybe the tax man will be as generous with us too? LOL :)
I bet you have no Dorito Dimples though you stinker!! Good job on the 9 inches!! :)