Monday, March 2, 2009

costa rica baby!

Well...I discovered why my whole body for life journey has been at a snails pace...seems my old thyroid is mad a t me. Darn! My doctor is hoping she can get me on track. I just couldn't seem to catch a break but then....
I got back a big fat income tax return and booked a trip for my BFF and I to COSTA RICA! We will be going for ten fabulous days and leaving on March 20. I can hardly wait. We were checking out all the beautiful wildlife parks and fun stuff to do...I'm not sure if we can wait until then.
Not like i am excited to turn 35 on March 16th but Jeanette is throwing me a party onthe 14th and I will get to see a bunch of friends I have been missing so terribly, especially CERYS! Coincidentally she just got back from costa rica.
Soccer is down to the last few games and provincials is in a couple weeks. I think Kian is more excited about his team track suit than the actual finals.
Irelands year end recital is in May and we watched tonight...I am sooo glad I put her back in the structured routine of ballet. I am so proud of how well she is doing this year.
Porter wants to turf soccer and join gymnastics so we'll see where that goes!
ANd Vaughn...OMG! Will I ever get this kid potty trained????I shoulda known when Kian was trained at one and the other two were trained by two that one was going to give me a run for my money...but enough poop already!

for those who missed the pics on daughter was so sweet with her fellow scouter Mack at the cub Kar rally last weekend at the mall. They were holding hands and deep in conversation all day! It was so sweet. I tried to get a picture of their little hands but they were walking so close together, it wasn't possible.

last but not least...happy birthday to my baby brother, these are two of my baby brothers but Ian is on the right...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and yes, somehow I didn't get the genetic mutation that my brothers did otherwise I would be 6 feet tall and thin, crap!


Renee said...

OMYG!! Cerys is coming!!! Well that makes me even more excited! Can't wait to see her!!! Put some fruit loops in the toilet for my Vaughny and he'll the poop...well I can't help you I'm glad you planned your trip around the Nickelback concert...cuz I would have been so bummed if you wouldn't have made it! Hey bring me back something pretty from Costa Rica...;P

Stacy said...

i got a fat tax return too but i need mine to live no cost rica for me yet it would not be fun in my condition anyways so have fun have you tried to underwear trick let him poop there some kids dont like it gross but its just a thought

Kelly said...

you exhaust me and inspire me at the same time, I know it always sounds like I am kissing your ass but you are truly amazing and I could use some of your awesome Momness sometimes, could you send some my way I need some motivation!

Jude said...

Costa Rica??? I am so jealous. It has been so cold here and I am ready for the spring!
I put on a pair of jeans and they were snug... Bill Phillips would be so mad at me! I gotta hit the weights!!

chanel said...

fun ... you go girl!