Saturday, April 25, 2009 why is my post starting off with this? Renee tagged me and when I went to the seventh folder of pictures it was my birthday party! I took the 7th photo from the end. I think i am supposed to tag some people, so I am tagging the few who read my blog ha ha...Stacy, Jeanette,Linda, Kelly and I dont know who else. SO you find your seventh folder and picture and post it. This was us shaking our thang!
I got a date night out last week and went to.....SUGARLAND! Totally loved that they played babygirl, love t hat song. My bf apparently gets annoyed by those paparazzi fans who take pictures (boo on him) But i took some anyways! ha ha !

I really think this one will be amazing with some photoshop action but Im posting it anyways
Below: She is just the cutest thing huh?

I loved this one of Jennifer in her shiny red hat and was so cool!

Ian will hate me for posting one with his eyes closed...but he doesn't read my blog so tee hee...he"ll never know

so off I go to finish spring cleaning...although it has recently snowed...I am willing spring to come! I can see victory as the bulbs I planted last fall toy with my emotions and threaten to bloom. I CAN grow something besides people! just wait until the may long weekend post! You will be wowed and amazed!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

breaking news...

well for the two people who still read my blog, I am updating! This damn job thing keeps getting in the way of super important stuff like blogging, scrapbooking, surfing my friends blogs! Thanks to those of you who are understanding.
So lots to post about. I am back from costa rica and it was amazing! I have a bunch of pics on face book. I will show some of my faves here but my computer is hating on me and it seems to take forever to upload anything these days.

our favorite part was arriving and getting in a suit and getting a drink! wee hoo!
THE most amazing part of the trip for me was ziplining 30 metres up in the air through the rain forest to this beautiful waterfall! I would do it again in a second

had to post a picture of this gangsta! He had on so much bling, Jeanette told him the official rule about how much you can wear but I think it was lost on him ha ha.

The easter bunny visited and we took the kids for brunch at a local hotel. They had a huge buffet then the Easter Bunny showed up and took all the kids on a chocolate egg hunt. Porter cashed in with a total haul and I was so proud cuz my kids shared their stash with a couple little girls who were in the back and wound up empty handed. (tear) all this mom stuff does actually pay off sometimes ha ha

So here we are with the Easter Bunny, the hotel has really beautiful spots for pictures

who's this guy? If you ask Vaughn its "uncle". ha ha. Ill give the deats on the boy in a sec...

love this one and they are all being sooo good!
I hope everyone had a fabulous easter with a few days off, some chocolate and some time to hang with the family.
So I have a brother named Ian and he is Uncle Ian to the kids obviously. Unfortunately Vaughn can't differentiate that two DIFFERENT people can have the same name so he calls my Ian, uncle. Then Ian looks at me and says....sooooo how many "uncles" do the kids have? I reply 9! I do have 9 brothers ha ha.
So I hate to curse myself but I am posting publicly about the new man in my life. After being single for about a year I found a guy who makes me laugh, treats the kids amazing and makes me a little grumpy sometimes too. Why am I excited about the little bit grumpy part? Because then I know if he can make me mad, he's not too good to be true ha ha!
I had spoke to him lots before we met IRL and he cracked me up so I finally agreed to meet him in January. He lived in Toronto and was thinking of moving here as he was one who had been part of the huge layoffs by GM.
SO he arrives and has a wrapped gift box and I thought oooh hes hot but he has a gift so he can't be it was him! Then I never asked about the box. So we sit down and he says, I am old fashioned and I would have brought you flowers and candy but since you're doing Body for life, I figured candy would be bad. So I unwrap the box and there's a gift card for swimco! He said to buy a new suit once I hit my goal...what???A guy who actually paid attention during our phone conversations? no way!There was also a blackberry case as Vaughn had ruined my old phone and he hoped this would protect my bby from slobber. SO sweet! It has only gotten better since then.
He has stayed at he house with four sick, puking children, watched Vaughn for the day when daddy was MIA.He texted me pics of him and Vaughn at the collicutt centre swimming and palying at the toy centre. He's 34, never been married and has no kids. So wish me luck that I have finally kissed enough frogs and found my prince!
Off I go to catch up on everyone's blogs. I think, I shall be organizing the next blog retreat so anyone interested please let me know via email or here int he comments section:)