Saturday, April 25, 2009 why is my post starting off with this? Renee tagged me and when I went to the seventh folder of pictures it was my birthday party! I took the 7th photo from the end. I think i am supposed to tag some people, so I am tagging the few who read my blog ha ha...Stacy, Jeanette,Linda, Kelly and I dont know who else. SO you find your seventh folder and picture and post it. This was us shaking our thang!
I got a date night out last week and went to.....SUGARLAND! Totally loved that they played babygirl, love t hat song. My bf apparently gets annoyed by those paparazzi fans who take pictures (boo on him) But i took some anyways! ha ha !

I really think this one will be amazing with some photoshop action but Im posting it anyways
Below: She is just the cutest thing huh?

I loved this one of Jennifer in her shiny red hat and was so cool!

Ian will hate me for posting one with his eyes closed...but he doesn't read my blog so tee hee...he"ll never know

so off I go to finish spring cleaning...although it has recently snowed...I am willing spring to come! I can see victory as the bulbs I planted last fall toy with my emotions and threaten to bloom. I CAN grow something besides people! just wait until the may long weekend post! You will be wowed and amazed!


Renee said...

Glad Sugarland was a them! Looking forward to May too...wanting the threat of snow to go away! and I get to hit Vegas and RD in the same month whoot!!!

Jude said...

Glad you had fun at the concert! :) Grow things other than people... LOL!!!!