Thursday, March 11, 2010

a year has passed?

wow...almost a whole year has passed since I blogged. I dont know if anyone ever still pops by out of curiosity...did she die, fall off the planet? No, i am still here. I think this blog post is just for me...keeping a record of something to read so I will have some true stuff to enlighten me when Im old.
Lets see...there were birthdays, and christmas and I moved three times and I gained some knowledge...I can always count on me. I have made some new friends and said goodbye to some and i still wake up and each day is a new chance to be a better me. I did get rid of 40 pounds last year and I dont wish to ever find it lol!
Im back on track with my running buddy as I am officially becoming certifiably crazy and thinking about running the new york city marathon in November 26.2 miles. I'll either prove to myself that I can do anything i set my mind to, die of a heart attack or be proud of myself for finishing it even if I am dead last limping the last ten miles.
I made some real questionable decisions this year because I think somewhere along the way I quit believing in myself.But, I found that driven, goal oriented girl, with passion and drive so look out world! Im back! Im kicking asses and taking names!
And Ive missed this little blog world :)